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Alexa Hayes, Manager of Digital Content

Alexa Hayes is a digital communications strategist, copywriter, and graphic designer based in Washington, DC. Her first career was in the art world, but later she moved on to other types of nonprofits including the American Institutes for Research, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Community Action Partnership, and the National Education Association. At Woolf, Alexa is thrilled to serve a wide variety of clients who are driven to make a tangible positive impact on the world around them.

A life-long learner, Alexa knows the value of background and research, and gleefully digs into analytics and statistics in order to present the most data-informed plans possible. She's also the first to say yes to trying something new and seeing what is successful—after all, there's no formula for going viral on social!

Alexa has a Bachelor's in art history and religion from Emory University, a Master's in art history from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and a Master's in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University. She lives in DC with her two rescue pups, Asha and Mia. A few months out of the year, Alexa stays in Alabama with her parents and grandmother (and their three dogs and seven cats!).

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