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Alyssa Purser, Sr. Manager of Client Services

Alyssa Purser is a creative strategist with close to a decade of experience as a storyteller. She began her career at ESPN, working in production before expanding her role to other departments, including social media, features, research and statistics. Equal parts left-brain and right-brain, she found herself drawn to content and social strategy, and pursued roles that offered those opportunities. After several years within the sports industry, she pursued agency work where she continued to develop content and social strategy, as well as managing client accounts and projects. Always the political junkie and advocate, she decided to pivot to work that she felt compelled to do, since it turns out doomscrolling isn’t considered productive (???). No matter the industry, organization, or client, the foundation of her career is built on her ability to tell stories and connect audiences to those stories.

As a native Floridian (who escaped), she knows the state is far from perfect but swears it’s more than just headlines starting with ‘Florida Man’ (please don’t send her those, her friends have it more than covered). She holds a B.S. in Political Science from University of California, Irvine and an M.A. in Communications from University of Georgia (go dawgs).

An avid reader, she has an unsettling number of books, in her feeble attempt to one day recreate the library from Beauty and the Beast and/or Hogwarts. Her other hobbies include podcasts, hiking, CrossFit (with the stipulation that it’s not her whole personality), and yelling at the TV during Georgia games (yes she knows they can’t hear her and no it won’t stop her from doing it).

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