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Connor Larsen, Sr. Manager of Digital Content

Connor Larsen is a copywriter and strategist based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Originally from a small town in Minnesota’s bluff country, she’s since lived in Madison, Seattle, and Chicago. Before finding her way to communications work, Connor spent ten years working in public libraries and other service roles. Those experiences fuel her advocacy for progressive causes such as increased access to public services and policies that create a more just society.

Throughout her career, Connor has worked in email marketing, social media management, digital ads, and fundraising, with a focus on supporting nonprofit organizations. Most recently, Connor worked with VA and SBA, helping Veterans access health care and small business support. She’s thrilled to work with progressive campaigns and causes at Woolf Strategy.

Connor received a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in communication arts, political science, and history. When she’s not working, Connor is usually reading, writing, taking photos, embroidering, and hanging out with her cat, Mako. She’s been to 42 states and 5 countries so far and is usually daydreaming about another new place to see.

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