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What’s a Digital Ecosystem?

Can you imagine a successful business having a website but no social media?

Or social media without an email program?

Or running ads without a website?

Together these items—website, email, social media, and advertising—make up your brand’s digital ecosystem. You need all of them to successfully promote your business in the digital space, but they have to be in the right balance in order for you to thrive.

For example, if you scrimp on your website and put most of your effort into social media, you might get a lot of followers — but you won’t be able convert those followers into customers.

Instead, they’ll see a clunky website and close out of the tab before even thinking about making a purchase.

Likewise, you might have a great website and put money into ads, but if you don’t have a way to capture people’s email addresses, you’re missing a big opportunity. With an email program, you could nurture that relationship and maximize your sales by growing a loyal base out of return customers.

As you create content, consider how each item in the ecosystem feeds into the others:

Great ads lead new people to your website.

A great website motivates people to make a purchase.

Every purchase gives you an email address.

Every email from your marketing team reminds that customer that you have more to offer.

An engaging social media account keeps customers engaged with your brand and can help you reach new audiences.

Everything feeds into another part of the marketing cycle, growing your brand’s reputation with current and future customers.

But knowing the right balance of how much you should invest into which digital marketing element is hard — that’s why we’re here to help!

Woolf Strategy can help you craft a digital ecosystem that maximizes your budget and achieves your goals. And we can make those assets for you.

We can build up your website, create your social content calendar, start up an email program, grow your email list, and advertise across digital channels. Click the button below to connect with us!

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