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How We Guide Clients to Success

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by (not Regina George) a pushy salesperson. It’s the worst - unless it’s a Girl Scout pushing cookies, in which case I’ll take seven(teen) boxes of the Thin Mints.

The point here, in addition to reminding you to order your Girl Scout cookies, is that you know when someone is being disingenuous about their actual motive.

Clients are no different. They know when someone is being inauthentic or forcing a relationship for a sale.

That’s why we put that connection at the forefront of our work. And that’s why clients return to Woolf Strategy! Well, that and we’re good at our jobs.

For us, the foundation of every client relationship is built around three elements:

  1. Trust

  2. Communication

  3. Patience

Everyone wants to jump right into the creative process. And for good reason, it’s fun. But you need a solid foundation first, which is why we prioritize building relationships with our clients.


All good relationships are built on trust (in case any of our exes are reading this). But trust is built over time — not overnight. It’s earned — not given.

In order to earn your trust, we make sure our creative process reflects each client’s goals. We want you to feel that your voices are heard and your opinions are valued.

That doesn’t always mean we’ll agree on everything. There will always be differences of opinion when it comes to clients and creatives. But we make sure they are communicated respectfully, which leads to our next theme.


Just like every person, each client is different.

We all have preferred methods of communication, and so we ask each client what their communication style is, their preferred frequency of communication, and what level of involvement they anticipate.

This also helps us get to know the preferences of the client and how involved (or not) they want to be throughout the project. Think of it like a family get together - we want to know if clients are more comfortable offering help in the kitchen or watching a game on the couch with the always too-lit uncle.

This helps not only guide our process but also how to prioritize and how to set expectations for both parties. This helps minimize confusion over who to go for what, and allows us to be efficient with our time and resources.


We know what it’s like to be excited about a new project. Everyone has ideas and wants to hit the ground running. But this is a marathon, not a sprint. The goal is to deliver the best product as we cross the finish line together.

Good work takes time, and we are all about doing good work.

We know that’s easier said than done, so we make sure to discuss timelines and detailed work plans from the beginning. This ties back into communication, making sure our client knows where we stand, what to expect, and when. We establish a framework at the onset that helps to guide everyone through the project.

Run With the Pack

These elements benefit our agency as much as they do our clients. They serve as a reference point to ensure we’re on schedule and also indicate next steps in the process so we can plan accordingly.

They allow us to foster a relationship with our client through action. We aren’t telling the client to trust us, we are showing them that they can trust us. And the same goes for communication and patience.

Our process lets us focus on what’s important: a project that everyone is proud of.

And then we reward ourselves with Girl Scout cookies.

If your organization or campaign is in need of an agency that focuses on trust and communication, reach out to the Woolf Pack today! Whether you need a full digital strategy or a new website, we’ve got your back.

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