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Welcome to Woolf Strategy!

Hey Hey! Happy New Year!

I am feeling a new energy for this year – we definitely need it! Hi, I’m Courtney Sieloff, CEO of Woolf Strategy, a digital consulting agency. We make sure that your advocacy organization, equity-focused projects and business, or candidacy succeeds.

We are named in honor of one of my favorites, Virginia Woolf. She was a writer, activist, and identified as LGBTQ+ before that was a term or accepted way of being. Her struggle with mental health is something that so many of us understand. She made an indelible impact on writing and culture that inspires me still. While I wouldn’t dare to put myself in her category, I and my firm do relish the idea of using our words and creative skills to further the work being done by so many people trying to make communities better, stronger, and more supported.

We see our role with our clients as helping to prepare for long-term mission success. We are not PR and we are not comms and we are not the campaign’s ATM. Our websites, our digital content, our advertising programs, our email outreach and fundraising, and our graphic design work together to support each of those roles. We consider what you are trying to accomplish, and we put together a strategy that makes sense for you.

Because we focus on the strategy first, we might not recommend the tactics you are used to. We don’t buy lists, and we don’t scare people. We know that your brand and your name is important, and we consider your audience and your supporters with every email and piece of content that we develop. We are creative and we are smart, and we create programs to which your audience will respond.

Does this seem dramatic or overly flowery? Maybe, but it is work I believe in. There is a power in communication and connection. My team finds it thrilling to uncover ways to bring people together through genuine messaging and creative visuals.

I believe in your work. I believe that you also want to do big things for the communities you serve or the constituents you represent. I believe in my team, and I believe we can work together to make big things occur.

So this is me, manifesting the best for you in this new year.

This is me manifesting the best for my smart Woolf Pack.

This is me manifesting the best for our communities and our policies in this new year.

This is me, manifesting ahead of another election season.

This is also me being more contemplative – I promise I’m normally more pithy! I’m just doing what Chani is telling me to do (I’m an Aries sun, Libra moon, and Leo rising after all).

I’m excited to launch this blog! You will be hearing from our brilliant team this year, and we are thrilled to have your support.

Reach out to me! We want to work together with you. You can find me at or set up a meeting directly here.

Let’s do this year big!


Courtney Sieloff, Woolf Strategy

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